What separates high converting sites from average sites?

website conversion optimisation

Most B2B websites convert visitors into leads at a rate of between 2% and 4%.

But some do it at 7% or even 10%.

What separates high converting sites from average sites?

They tick all the boxes. They answer all the questions. They make things clear. They show you they can do it. They might even get you excited to get in touch.

Try these steps to join the high conversion club:

  • Show prospects that you understand their problems, and define how your company can solve them.
  • Make sure they have enough information about your company, the services you offer and the way they can work with you.
  • Tell them what will happen when they contact you.
  • Include testimonials, case studies and other trust signals.
  • Include a phone number. Some visitors prefer to speak on the phone.
  • Have a dedicated contact page with a simple to use form, and email address, so you cater to everyone.
  • Include calls to action on every page.