Convert visitors to clients with purposeful web design and development

Good website design should be both beautiful and functional. It should engage your clients and increase your sales. It’s developed with compelling graphic features and informed, data-driven strategy.

It also supports your business goals, helping you catch the eye of the right customer and position yourself as an expert in your field.

When we design your website, we design it with a purpose. Your online reputation grows along with your client list, and your sales and revenue thrive.

How it works

Below are the six steps we take to create your website:



It all starts with a strategy. We’ll start by defining where your business is, your value proposition and your goals. We’ll also define your client base and their needs. Then: we’ll build your roadmap.



Have you already got text, photos and branding? Great. Do you need help? No problem. My collaborators and I have you covered. Once we have the content, I’ll create the structure of your website, adapting each detail with your goals in mind.



We’ll combine your text, photos and branding to create a website from scratch based around the strategy that we have defined. Following an optimised design process, it won’t be long before you can see the first draft.



Once the first version of your website is ready, together we’ll review each page to suggest improvements. You will have access to several revision rounds, where we can discuss any further adjustments until we reach the perfect final version.



Time to celebrate your new website!

On launch day your website will be made public and I’ll hand over the final files with all of the information you need.



Each project comes with 30 days of free support after publishing your website.
Options to contract monthly support are also available.

Website Design Pricing

Because your business is unique, we exclusively offer tailor-made web designs.
For each client, we deliver:

An in-depth planning session via Zoom in which we identify the needs of your clients and the goals of your website

Website workbook

A website workbook that guides your content strategy and outlines your design standards

A custom-built WordPress website, designed specifically to meet the goals & needs we discussed

Three rounds of revisions for each page of your website

Website tutorials

A tutorial on how to edit the content of your website

Website support

30 days of post-launch support for any questions or needs that arise

Starts at 2.500€

* This price is for a 5 page website, ideal for small businesses.
The price will vary depending on the number of pages and features you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Each website is unique and the price will depend mainly on the number of pages and functionalities you need.

The price for a 5 page website (ideal for small businesses) is around 2.500€ and includes all the points detailed above.

Need something that’s not included in the core package? No problem, just let me know. Some common add-ons include:

  • Additional pages
  • Multilingual website
  • Online store
  • Online Booking
  •  Newsletter Sign Up Form
  • Chat

Each project is different, but on average, it takes 4 to 8 weeks.

To get the best results, I recommend booking your project at least 2-3 months before you want to launch your site.


What it is: This is the unique name given to a website so that anyone can visit it on the Internet. For example, in my case:
Price: Approximately € 12 per year
How to purchase it: It is very easy, if you need it I can guide you step by step.


What it is: It is the space (server) where your web page will be hosted.
Price: Depends on the plan you choose and current discounts, but it is usually between € 70 and € 150 per year (you can pay annually or monthly)


YOUR LOGO, TEXTS AND IMAGES: I will need to have all those before I start creating your website

No. I will need you to send me the content.

To help you with this process, I will share a guide that I have created in an editable format. Inside you’ll find advice and step by step guidelines to help you write the “Home” page, “Services” page and “About me / About us” page.

I always recommend custom brand photography.

However, if you can’t get custom brand photos, we will work together to select the best possible stock images for your site.

I exclusively use WordPress, the leading CMS currently in use on the internet.

I take extra care to ensure you are satisfied throughout the entire process. Once the first version of your website is ready, together we’ll review each page to suggest improvements. You will have access to several revision rounds, where we can discuss any further adjustments until we reach the perfect final version.

I am only an email away! I am here to help you as much or as little as you need, and I won’t disappear once the site is launched.

If you wish, you can purchase my website maintenance package.

I provide ongoing support for many of my clients in the form of a fixed monthly fee.

That’s for you to decide. However, here are some things you need to be aware of:

  • Companies like Wix can take your site down at any time and for any reason. You’re never in full control. Your site is built on their property, not yours. It’s like building a house on property you don’t own, knowing that your family could be forced to move at any time.
  • Limited design customization. Yes, these types of site builders have lots of themes to choose from, but once your site is built you can’t change your theme. You’re stuck with it. In addition, it may be difficult if not impossible to customize your theme exactly as you’d like.
  • Search engine optimization. Not all designs are SEO-friendly. Getting ranked in a search engine like Google can take months of time and effort. So you need to make sure your website is compatible with your SEO efforts right out of the gate, otherwise a lot of hard work could be wasted.
  • Limited expandability. You cannot install 3rd-party plugins to add new features and custom functionality to your site. Your choices are limited to what they give you.
  • Your site is not portable. When you use a company like Wix, SquareSpace or Weebly you are building your site with their proprietary technology that only works on their system. It’s not universally compatible. So if you outgrow their capabilities or you decide you want to move your site to a different web hosting provider at some point in the future, you’ll probably have to rebuild your entire website from scratch.
  • You’re pretty much on your own. Sure, there are documents and manuals you can read. And I’m sure limited tech support is available. But if you’re not a «techie» person, and you don’t have the time or desire to figure it all out, you’re going to be much better off hiring a professional that knows what they’re doing.

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