Recommended tools and resources

Here you will find a list of tools that I recommend to use in different areas of your business, from resources that you can integrate into your website, to file management, and billing.

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Hosting is super important, since it is closely related to the security of your website and speed, among other factors.

The hosting company that I use to host my own website, and that I recommend to my clients, is called Fast Comet

Stock photos

Email Marketing

Appointment Scheduling / Booking Calendar

File storage and organisation

Password management

If you are still storing passwords in your memory (or worse, using the same password for most of your main accounts), I recommend that you use a password manager. My favorite is LastPass . I love it because it keeps passwords securely and whenever you want to log into any website you can easily do so using Lastpass (you don’t have to remember the password – Lastpass fills in the password automatically). 

Online course platforms

If you are an online course creator and decide to host your courses outside of your website, I would recommend:

If you decide to host the courses within your corporate website:

Billing and accounting

  •  Wave . It’s free and great for creating invoices and accounting.
  • Other alternatives (if you are looking for something more robust in the accounting part) could be Quickbooks  or  Xero . These are paid.