Multilingual website for an institute specialised in providing training to mental health professionals

The Client

The Four Cycles Institute is a prestigious institution specialising in providing training for mental health professionals. Renowned for its distinguished team of internationally recognised speakers, including researchers, psychologists, and psychiatrists, the Institute organises conferences, courses, and specialised training. Their offerings cater to both in-person attendees, who participate in conferences and seminars, and online learners, who engage in virtual courses and webinars with live classes.


In early 2020, the Four Cycles Institute and I embarked on a project together. The goal was to create a multilingual website that would serve not only as a corporate site but also as an online hub for ticket sales. The institute was also keen to develop an online course platform, as up until then, all of their training was conducted face-to-face. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, transitioning to digital became a necessity rather than a choice. They were compelled to cancel their in-person seminars and sought to move these offerings online.

The outcome:

The outcome:

We developed a multilingual website that incorporates an online store for selling tickets to both in-person events and online courses or webinars. We implemented automated systems to facilitate a completely digital process: from ticket sales and student registration to invoicing, everything can now be managed via the website. Additionally, we’ve established a fresh platform for rolling out online courses and utilised video conferencing technology for live seminars. This transformation has brought about an exciting new chapter in delivering quality mental health training, making it more accessible than ever before.
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