Multilingual website for an institute specialised in providing training to mental health professionals

The Client

The Four Cycles Institute organizes conferences, courses and specialized training for mental health professionals. It has a prestigious team of internationally recognized speakers: researchers, psychologists and psychiatrists. The Institute provides in-person training (conferences and seminars), as well as online training (online courses and online seminars with live classes)


The Four Cycles Institute needed a multilingual website that, in addition to functioning as a corporate website, would have an integrated online store for ticket sales. They also needed an online course platform (until then, all their training was in-person). The Institute and I started working together at the beginning of 2020, and soon the need to migrate the training to a digital format became imminent: as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute was forced to cancel its in-person seminars, and set itself the goal of providing these trainings online.


We worked together to create a multilingual website, which has an integrated online store for ticket sales: both, tickets for in-person events, as well as tickets for online courses and webinars. We implemented automation systems, which allow the whole process to be carried out digitally: from ticket sales, student registration and invoicing through the website, to the online courses themselves (through the new platform) and live seminars (through videoconferencing).