Website redesign for H2Optima, an Italian company specialised in offering technologies for the purification and refinement of household water

The Client

H2Optima is a company based in Milan, Italy. They are a leader in offering the best technologies to purify and refine household water – striving for customer satisfaction with cutting-edge technology that has been designed to be more sustainable than ever before.


H2Optima wanted to redesign its website in line with its new corporate identity, giving it a fresh and modern look. The goal was not only to create an aesthetic design, but also one focused on highlighting the unique technology behind the products. To offer a better experience to their customers, they also needed the website to offer an easy way to get in touch from any device


This project was carried out in collaboration with Yes We Can Agency , a marketing agency specialised in offering unique marketing solutions that increase sales without losing sight of their customers’ mission. Before starting the redesign of the website, Yes We Can Agency did a detailed analysis of the existing data, the product range and the competition. Keeping in mind the mission of the company throughout the process, the team created strategic content that was a fundamental piece in the success of this project. Having the content ready, we created a modern website that highlights H2Optima’s strengths: the passion of its team of experts, the unique technology behind the products, and excellence in customer service. This new website offers easy and intuitive navigation from any device, and allows users to quickly get in touch with a team of experts.