Website redesign for Dr. Didac Barco

The Client

Dr Didac Barco is a Dermatologist and Trainer, specialised in acne, scars and keloids. His clinic, located in the centre of Barcelona, ​​has the most advanced laser technology to treat all kinds of skin lesions with maximum comfort for the patient.


Dr Didac Barco already had a website up and running, but he needed to improve its performance and modernise it to offer a better experience to his customers. After analysing the original web page in detail and studying several points of improvement, we set the following objectives:
  • Modernise the web page and redesign it to facilitate navigation.
  • IImprove the layout of the pages to guide the user intuitively (avoiding gaps and dead links between pages).
  • Provide the users with a “next step”: create a section dedicated to each pathology, where the users can quickly find information and specific treatments for their diagnosis.
  • Offer patients the possibility of renewing medical prescriptions online, without having to travel to the clinic.


We kept much of the original content (as it was quality content) but did a complete website redesign.
The new website is modern, aligned with Dr Didac Barco’s branding, and easy to navigate. We created a section dedicated to each pathology so that users can quickly resolve doubts and learn about specific treatments for each diagnosis. We also created a “before / after cases” section where you can see photos of real patients, and compare the results after treatment. Finally, we enabled an online store where patients can easily renew their prescriptions from the comfort of their homes.