Get “me” out of the conversation on your website

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Look, we all like to talk about ourselves. But guess what – so do your prospects!

When it comes to writing copy for your website or marketing materials, it’s easy to fall into the trap of talking all about yourself and your company. After all, you’re proud of what you do and you want to share that with the world, right? But the truth is, your potential customers aren’t interested in hearing about how great you are. They’re interested in how you can help them solve their problems.

So you have to talk about them and their problems. Here’s what you do…

1. Rephrase

It’s important to focus your copy on your prospects, not yourself. Instead of using phrases like “I, my, we, our,” try to use language that centres around your potential customer.

For example:

  • We provide => You’ll get
  • We’ll show you => Find out how
  • I make bespoke solutions => Your project will be bespoke and individual.

This simple change in phrasing can make a big difference in how your copy is perceived.

2. Solve their problems

Another important aspect of customer-centred copy is to focus on how your product or service can solve their specific problem. Every page, tagline, and meta description should show visitors how you will solve their problems.

Start by describing their problem so they know you understand their pain points, and then show them how your solution can help.

For example, if you sell accounting software, you might start by talking about the challenges of managing finances as a small business owner. Then, you can show how your software can simplify the process and save them time and money.

3. Keep “About Us” focused

Keep your “About Us” page focused on your potential customers. While it can be tempting to share your personal story and why you’re passionate about what you do, your prospects aren’t interested in that. Instead, use this page to talk about why you do what you do and why they should trust you.

For example, you might talk about how your company was founded to solve a specific problem that you noticed in the market. Or, you might share some customer success stories to show how your product has helped others in similar situations.


In conclusion, writing customer-centred copy is essential for any business that wants to connect with potential customers and stand out in a crowded market. By rephrasing self-centred phrases, focusing on problem-solving, keeping your “About Us” page focused on your customers, and making sure your copy is clear and concise, you can create compelling copy that resonates with your target audience. So the next time you sit down to write copy for your website or marketing materials, remember to put your customers first.