Designing a website? Think less clutter, more conversions.

website design quality

Convert visitors by minimising distractions, so they can pay full attention to the parts that matter.

Clutter comes in many forms. Mainly if…

  • The copy is too long:
    Visitors prefer to mix scanning and reading as they go through the website, so if the copy is too long they might struggle and give up.
  • There is a lack of order and consistency:
    Visitors need the website to be organised in a logical manner to be able to process the information easily.
  • The Images and graphics are noisy:
    Too many colours, moving images and distracting graphics also create clutter and can divert the visitor’s attention, causing frustration.

To avoid clutter:

  1. Keep to a consistent styling with a limited selection of colours and typographies.
  2. Use white space and dividers, generously.
  3. Create a visual hierarchy to help the visitor understand what’s important. Make crucial information and calls to action more prominent. Group related elements together.
  4. Avoid unnecessary animation.
  5. Use concise and clear language.

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