Crafting your website’s message: how to speak to your prospects’ stage of awareness

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In good website design, client profiling goes deeper than basic demographics. You need to think about how aware prospective clients are of their own problems and what they need to know about your offer to convert to a sale.

The trick is to speak to each prospect’s stage of awareness. You’ll catch their attention when it’s clear you understand their needs, and you’ll keep their attention when they see that you offer a great solution.

So every page on your website should contain copy that addresses a prospect’s individual stage of awareness.
Here’s what you need to tell them so they see your offer as the solution at each stage:

Stage 1: Completely unaware

These prospects are generally unaware of your product and the problems it solves, but visiting your website may let them see themselves reflected in your solutions.

→ Speak to their state of mind, show them the problem, and then show them how you can help.

Stage 2: Problem-aware

Unlike the Stage 1 prospect, Stage 2 prospects are hyper-focused on their problem. They’re so focused that they can’t see how to solve it, or that a solution even exists.

→ Speak to these prospects by easing their fears: a solution does exist, and you have it.

Stage 3: Solution-aware

These prospects have travelled down the problem road long enough to know how they want their problem solved, but they don’t know how your product can achieve that.

→ Show them how your product works to achieve their goal.

Stage 4: Product-aware

With these prospects, you have to sell them on your specific product as better than all the other, similar ones. They know your product and they know it will solve their problems, but they want to know that it’s the best fit for them.

→ Tell them why it’s uniquely suited to their needs.

Stage 5: Most aware

These prospects are savvy: they know their problems and how they want to solve them, and they know what your product does well.

→ They want to see the deal – so show it to them.


Understanding your prospects’ needs and the stage of awareness they are at is crucial to creating a website that delivers real results for your business.

By profiling your ideal clients and crafting messaging that speaks directly to their specific stage of awareness, you can catch their attention, ease their fears, and demonstrate how your product is the perfect solution for their needs.

Taking the time to do this is an investment that will pay off in the long run, as it can lead to higher conversion rates, increased sales, and greater customer satisfaction. So, don’t overlook the importance of client profiling and tailored messaging when designing your website – it’s a small investment that can yield big rewards for your business.

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